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US wants conditions if Cuban spy gets visit home

Posted on Thursday, 04.11.13

US wants conditions if Cuban spy gets visit home
The Associated Press

MIAMI -- The U.S. government wants a host of conditions if a judge
grants a convicted Cuban spy's request for a visit home for his father's
memorial service.

Federal prosecutors asked a Miami federal judge Wednesday to impose the
requirements on Rene Gonzalez, who finished his U.S. prison sentence in
October 2011 but remains on probation. Gonzalez's 82-year-old father
died April 1 after a stroke.

Among the suggested conditions are no contact with Cuban intelligence
officials, submission of a detailed travel itinerary and regular
communication with Gonzalez's probation officer in the U.S. The judge
did not issue an immediate ruling.

Gonzalez is one of the so-called Cuban Five convicted of spying on
exiles in Florida and attempting to infiltrate military installations
and political campaigns. They are celebrated as heroes in Cuba.


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