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Cuba agent back to US after 2-week trip home

Posted on Friday, 04.13.12

Cuba agent back to US after 2-week trip home
The Associated Press

HAVANA -- Cuba says an intelligence agent on probation in the United
States has returned to that country after visiting his gravely ill
brother for two weeks.

An official note carried in state media says Rene Gonzalez flew back to
demonstrate what it calls "his high sense of ethics and honor."

It says he met with family and especially his brother Roberto, who has

Friday was the deadline for Gonzalez to comply with a judicial order to
return and continue serving three years' supervised release.

Gonzalez is one of the "Cuban Five" who were convicted of being part of
a network that tried to infiltrate U.S. military installations and
monitored Cuban exile groups responsible for a bombing campaign.

He was freed in October, but the other four are still in prison.


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