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US opposes Cuban spy's request to visit brother

Posted on Monday, 03.12.12

US opposes Cuban spy's request to visit brother
The Associated Press

MIAMI -- The Justice Department is opposing a convicted Cuban spy's
request to return home temporarily to visit a brother suffering from
lung cancer.

A federal prosecutor said in a Monday court filing that the U.S. is
concerned Rene Gonzalez might get new spying instructions if he were to
meet with Cuban intelligence officials. Gonzalez is on probation after
his release from federal prison last fall.

A Miami federal judge will rule on Gonzalez's request. The U.S. wants
several conditions if Gonzalez is allowed to go.

Gonzalez is one of the so-called "Cuban Five" convicted of spying on
Cuban exiles in South Florida and attempting to infiltrate military
installations and political campaigns. One of the five also was
convicted of murder conspiracy for the 1996 shootdown of "Brothers to
the Rescue" planes.

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