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1st of 'Cuban 5' spy ring getting out of prison

Posted on Friday, 10.07.11

1st of 'Cuban 5' spy ring getting out of prison
The Associated Press

MARIANNA, Fla. -- One of five men convicted of spying for Cuba's
communist government is getting out of a north Florida federal prison
after 13 years behind bars.

Rene Gonzalez is set to be released Friday from prison in Marianna. The
55-year-old Gonzalez still must serve three years' probation in the U.S.
unless a judge allows him to return to Cuba.

His attorney says Gonzalez wants to remain out of the limelight at an
undisclosed location.

Gonzalez and the other four Cubans were convicted in 2001 of being part
of a spy ring known as the "Wasp Network." It sought to infiltrate South
Florida U.S. military installations, Cuban exile groups and anti-Castro
politicians and report back to Cuba.

The Castro government hails the men as heroes who tried to prevent
attacks against Cuba.

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